Create Circle pattern with Variable size

Hole Pattern.dyn (21.4 KB)
place family instance on grid.dyn (198.4 KB)
I had a request to be able to create a pattern of circles starting from a smaller size circle to a larger size with minimum and maximum values in a grid pattern. We want to be able to control how many circles occur in each direction, space them equally, and start the pattern form a given location vertically. I have attached two definitions I have started to attempt this. It was also requested that every other row be offset like a brick pattern as an option, or have the ability to completely randomize the circle size at every location. I am only beginning, so I am struggling a bit to figure it out!

Can you show a sketch of what you’re wanting? I think I understand but I want to be sure.

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Surface.PointAtParameter will likely come in handy here.

Here are some samples of the pattern we are looking for.

You can use this for a start


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Like Marcel referenced, the first step is creating your grid of points. You can use sliders or input values to control the location and spacing of your points however you see fit.
Once you have grid points you can can start working on randomizing sizes for the radii. Remember to create one size per row if all circles in a row will be the same size.
Once you have your points and your radii all you have left is to create the circles/surfaces. It’s all a pretty straight forward process, you just need to give it a shot.

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