Select doors with certain width

Hello, I am trying to select doors in my revit files, which width is less than 80 cm, I manged to filter them with the use of family name, but i’d like to filter them with a parameter of width, but it does not seem to work out

GetParameterByName node for “Width” then use the less than node with the filterbyboolean should work.

I also thought to use GetParameterByName +Width but it does not give me any result the list is empty. What I saw is that dynamo does not give me type parameterers, and only displays instance ones :woman_shrugging: cos I also tryied with the node which displays all the parameteres available of the object, and there were only instance ones

You need element.element type for get the type parameters…


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Thank you it works! one more thing if i’d like to see which are these elements in revit, how can i see it ?

@s4lomep what do you mean by see? Do you want to isolate them, select them or add information to them?

I want to select them

SelectInRevit node from Modelical package, among others, can do that:

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