Stair actual run width grey out

Hi, is there any method that I can get the width of stair from a sketch?

Because sketch stairs don’t necessarily have a consistent riser length (ie the left and right side diverge) you can’t pull a property directly - it’s intentionally blank in Revit for this reason. Pulling the footprint path or riser lines themselves and pulling the largest/smallest dimension (whichever you prefer).

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is there any python script to check the stair is drawn by run or sketch? :slight_smile:

The stair itself doesn’t have a property for this as you can have multiple runs in the stair, one sketched and one not. But the stair runs have this property, of which ‘sketched’ is a solution: StairsRunStyle Property

but I am new to revitapi and don’t know how to use this from revitapi docs :frowning:
I got the following error:

You’re super close, and I know you can get there. A few hints:

  1. change line 16 to runElement = doc.GetElement(run) as this will give you an element (rather than the ID) which you the element as a variable inside the for loop, so you can call it again as your code moves along the list.
  2. Change line 17 to style = runElement.StIrRunStyle, changing the element we call the Property from to the newly declared variable, and removing the trailing () as this is a property, not a method.
  3. change line 18 to runs.append(style) so you can output your newly found data back to Dynamo (consider renaming the runs variable too).
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oh my god, thanks I got it now!! :slight_smile: