Check proper "Mark" naming convention is being input

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So, i have been using Solibri to run Quality and Compliance checks on the models we receive from our Structural guys (To make sure they have used the correct parameters and they have been filled in correctly etc.) It has been working really well so far but ive found something i dont think it does very well and was hoping it would be agreat time to show off the capabilities of Dynamo (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have specified in the execution plan that the Structural elements have a mark number which needs to follow a specific format “AAA-11-A11” (A=any letter, 1=any number) with no spaces.

Is there a way that i can have Dynamo check for this type of thing and perhaps highlight or colour up or something of the sort the objects that Pass/Fail the check??

Ill only be checking one category at a time so it does not need to check the whole model, and the parameter we have is called “FMMark”


Any help/advice would be greatley appreciated (I am very new to Dynamo)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Alisder,

If you don’t mind in using True/False in place of Pass/Fail there is “String.StartsWith” node where you can search your any specific format followed by “List.FileterByBoolMask” to sort True/False values. See Below.


Good call Kulkul. But we need to see if the characters are alpha or numeric. Your example will simply search for “AAA”. Here is an example of how to get this done with all OOTB nodes. It will work regardless of numbers or letters used in the sequence. All it looks for is if it matches your provided sequence of (ALPHA,ALPHA,ALPHA-NUMERIC,NUMERIC-ALPHA,NUMERIC,NUMERIC)


Thanks John

Taking the crux of John’s approach a little further with Design Script.

Doesn’t ensure that the letters are upper case though.

File: MarkFormat.dyn



An improved version, also checks for uppercase

File: MarkFormat1.dyn


Thanks a lot guys! Great help!

Question John (this is a very newbie one :P) what is the node in your image with the tilte “–” with the two inputs and a Var output? cant find it.



I think you’re referencing the equals node. It can be found by searching equals or ==. Ill post the graph as well on Monday.

Ah yeah, my screen was glitching, showing as two “-” operators.

Thanks again and thanks in advance for the Graph you mentioned :slight_smile:

Very cool stuff guys, I have to crank up my DS learning I think.


Ive spent the morning tewaking a few parts in the file and just demonstrated it to my manager and a few others and they were blown away, totally gobsmacked :slight_smile:

You have saved a now very happy man hours/days of laborious work sifting through upwards of 4000 objects checking for correct Mark values! ALL HAIL DYNAMO! haha

Thanks alot! very much appreciated!

I cant seem to find the “ColourUI” node you were talking about… cant find Gytaco’s package? Any ideas


Kind Regards


Glad to have helped! This is the reason I love this community. Users helping users, plain and simple. For the colourUI node it’s actually called UI++.





Also here is the graph I used for the example.


Let us know if you need anything else and have fun! Welcome to Dynamo!


Sol Amour- luckily with the new node2code functionality we can translate a graph to Design Script and reverse engineer it!


@JohnPierson - So true. Best feature ever.

Sory to be a pest :stuck_out_tongue:

Working off the file you showed John, am i able to add something to this to check if the Mark numbers are Unique?

Also Vikram…


Could you explain how i use your Dynamo file you posted?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I guess the Design Script approach might be intimidating to a beginner, but here I go again :slight_smile:

The script below is an extension of what I’d provided earlier and does the needful.

This should be straight forward to use. You’ll just need to run it.

Red: Wrong Mark format

Blue: Duplicate Mark with correct format

Green: Unique Mark with correct format

File: MarkFormat2.dyn

Suggestion: Run this with a duplicate copy of a Revit 3D view active.


Thanks Vikram, much appreciated. Will need to look into using Design Script more.

I have another Question. Im trying to use the Node version John supplied which works great, but i want to add a bit on that will colour up elements with Duplicate Mark values. See image below to what i have so far (not sure if this is how i do this) All i need is a way to get the Elements from what i have in the last list so i can connect it into the Element.OverrideColorInView node. Any ideas?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Duplicate Mark values

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I’ll try to take a look at it now, been installing Revit updates all morning. :roll: It should be as simple as splitting the list into duplicates and unique.


I managed to get this to work with some filtering. And since it is a rather large graph I bundled it into a new package I just release called Ayuda.




So instead of looking like a mess, it looks nice and compact like this.







Simply place a boolean for runme and a category to run this on. It also has default values for color, but you can specify new ones as well.

Go get it on the package manager :slight_smile: