Changing Viewport Types

Trying to change Viewports through dynamo and im getting an error on Set BIP Parameter. Any Ideas?


You need to feed BuiltInParameter currently your feeding string to it. Have a look at this explanation by @Konrad_K_Sobon.

well i dont know if im pulling the right info. changed it and still an error

Still feeding wrong inputs. You need to feed ids not elements to parameter values and check your elements list also.

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Got It! Thank you

Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!

I´m trying to replicate the scritp to change viewport type on my legends.
I´m have an error in line 55 of the python script inside de “Set BuiltIn Parameter”

Thank´s in advice for help!

Change Viewport Type.dyn (33.3 KB)

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Thanks! It work´s :sunglasses:

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you can use Set parameter by name OOTB node and the value the family type…