Set Built In Parameter - Error

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I’ve been trying to set the built in parameter Type so that I can eliminate the View Title from a list of Viewports. My first attempt to do this was using the OOTB node Element.SetParameterValueByName as shown below:

This previous post summarises my intent and the issue I was having using my original approach.

This post was solved by @Konrad_K_Sobon’s comment, which suggests to use the Archilab node Set BuiltIn Parameter.

I followed the suggested workflow and recieved this error message:


After a little troubleshooting I was able to bypass the error message by feeding in element IDs into the **ParameterValues" input of the node Set BuiltIn Parameter, as per the image below:

This eliminates the error and everything looks like it’s working but the viewport type within the project remains the same and the view titles are not removed. This seems a little off as I’ve followed the workflow marked as “SOLVED” yet I still can’t set this BIP, unlike others for whom this workflow seems to have worked.

Has anybody had a similar issue and managed to resolve this?

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Everything seems to work, so my better guess is that you didn’t select the right Viewport Type. Check that you got the right Viewport type, with the name, with this codeblock please:


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Hi @architectcoding,

Thanks for the reply…

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right Viewport Type selected:

I’ve attached the script below for reference too…

set bip.dyn (50.7 KB)


See here:

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Hi @SeanP ,

Thanks for your reply.

The script shared within the post you linked performs the task as desired.