Changing View Title Case

I swear I’ve seen this done but I can’t find it at the moment…

I’m trying to pull all my view titles and change them to Uppercase. I’ve tried two methods and both ran into issues.

Method 1 - using Grimshaw’s Get All Views worked but I somehow managed to apply different names to the views - i.e. Elevation 1 was renamed to Section 1. I’m fairly certain this is user error but…
Method 2 - using the Categories node. This works until the very end when the Element.SetParameterByName gives an error: Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer. (3f47aacd). Again - I’m assuming user error since I’m just barely getting into Dynamo but I’m stumped on what is wrong. My Google-fu is weak today =/

Image below is from Method 2:







So a “Title on Sheet” and “View Name” are two different parameters. I am guessing that since you are pulling in Viewports is that you want to modify the earlier. In that case you can change Title on sheet using archi_lab_Grimshaw package node called Set Built In Parameter using param name: “VIEW_DESCRIPTION” If you however, want to change view name then use param name: “VIEW_NAME”. Using Built In Parameters guarantees that the right parameter is being used, unlike the OOTB nodes that use param names.

Good luck!

Here is an easy way to do it. Download the Rhythm Package (thanks John P), and use the All Upper node…refer to screenshot


What is the difference between View Name and VIEW_NAME?

View Name is the visible parameter in Revit and VIEW_NAME is what it thinks of it as internally. That’s how I understand it at least. :smiley:


“View Name” is the visible parameter name in Revit. John is correct here.
VIEW_NAME represents an internal BuiltInParameter pointer that allows you to retrieve a specific parameter from element (if such exists). The key here is that “VIEW_NAME” pointer always points to only ONE specific parameter. This becomes important when dealing with different objects that have parameters with the same name.

For example: a Wall can have a parameter called “BaseOffset” but so does Structural Column.



Now this can lead to confusion sometimes. Here comes the Built In Parameter. Each of these will have only one specific pointer in the BuiltInParameters Enumeration like so:



Now you can clearly see how the same parameter name represents two different values. This is not a particular issue with two different family categories because you would likely never get those mixed up. It becomes an issue when two parameters have the same name in the same family. Great example is Structural Column which for “Base Level” has two parameters: one for Scheduling and one for modeling. Now, that can greatly confuse Revit. Example:



I hope this clears things up.

Now also in archi-lab package there is a node that will allow you to retrieve all parameters and their BuiltIn equivalent if such exists (INVALID if parameter doesn’t have a Built in value, shared parameters don’t have built in values).





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Hi! I m quite new at Dynamo. I´ve downloaded the package, installed it and here´s my question: Once added the package to dynamo folder, how do I use the command node? I cannot find All upper in the left command bar meaning I cannot add the node to my screen

This thread is over two years old and a lot has changed so some information here is likely obsolete as a result. Please start a new topic with a title like “Can’t find the rhythm node ‘all upper’” and we’ll help you sort it out there.

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