Convert "Title on Sheet" parameter to Title Case

I feel like this is a noob question (I’m probably intermediate at best with Dynamo scripting); I’m trying to switch the “Title on Sheet” parameter of all our drafting views from ALL CAPS to Title Case. I’m using the Modify.ToTitle node from Rhythm and here’s what I need help with:

Am I not using the string nodes correctly? I noticed through the Watch node the parameter is still ALL CAPS after the Rhythym Title Case node. Then at the end result, the error states “No parameter found by that name” even though it’s linking to the same parameter correctly picked up earlier. Also, the end result watch list is showing the view names, not the Title on Sheet parameter values.

Thanks for any advice and help!

the error says no parameter in as “Title on Sheet”.

Check with the model or check the spelling or Case of the parameter.

Its works for me.

Thanks Vijay! I tested it out using String.ToLower and String.ToUpper in place of the Rhythym node, and it worked for me despite getting that same error. Maybe the Rhythym node is not working for me. Where did you get the String.ToTitle node from? It’s not available for me; I’m in Dynamo 2.3.1

Check the elements that are returning nulls and make sure you’re getting what you expected.

Revit 2022 have this node.

Worth to check custom package designtech v.1.0.8 for Dynamo 2.3.1

Oddly, the Rhythm node finally worked for me. Not sure if the String.ToUpper testing corrected anything or if I was overlooking something at first.

I also could not locate the source of the two nulls but regardless, it now works. Appreciate your responses and Vijay for showing me that I was close to the right path. Will also look into the designtech pacakge. Thanks!

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