How to set floor thickness parameter using dynamo revit

hi all!
I want to change the floor thickness using dynamo but can’t do it
everyone please help

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Hi and welcome to the forum, seems like a misspelling in parameter name, try Thickness

I tried but couldn’t
I just switched to the Japanese version of Revit.
The floor thickness value cannot be changed in the table below, so it cannot be changed in dynamo.

We can change this table. However, if using dynamo, how can I set the value?

Yes thats compound layer, try clockworks set compound layer width…

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Why is layerindex entering the value with 2?
please help

These represent the layer index…

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Thanks a lot
In case of creating Floor Type from excel file, is there any way to use it?

Try with a transaction and be sure you widths is a number…

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Thank you very much, I have completed it.
But it’s okay to not have the “Transction.End” node, right?

yes its not necessary,

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Thank you very much