Changing floor thickness before creating the element

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I want to create a concrete floor based of a thickness I established on Excel. I am aware that i can choose the type and thickness of the floor by selecting them in the Floor Types node. As you guys can see in the print screen i can generate a Generic 300mm floor, and it’s already based on the dimensions I chose in Excel, except the thickness. Since I want dynamo to read the three dimensions of a floor through Excel values, is there a way I can do it before I generate the element?

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You could use Springs.Dictionary.ByKeysValues to get the floor types by their thicknesses using your Excel data as the search keys:


First and foremost thank you so much for such for your fast reply.
I tried your suggested solution, but i am unable to edit the “Generic 300mm”'s thickness to the thickness i want. Maybe I am trying to do something that is not possible through Dynamo, but what I am aiming at is changing only the parameter thickness on the “Generic 300mm”'s (for example) in order to create a type of floor inside dynamo without using REVIT beforehand.

From Clockwork use the node: FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerWidth
and that will work



Duplicate node is also from Clockwork


Thank you so much Nico, it worked perfectly, it’s exactly what i wanted :slight_smile:

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