Changing source or load parameters on same conduits/fitting run

Hi guys,

I wonder if it’s possible to program dynamo to update or change source or load parameters (SI:Conduit:Source AND SI:Conduit:Load) either by selecting the conduit entity that already contains the source and/or load information and transferring it to the rest of the conduit run.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kameron1967

Is this your shared Parameters?

It is, as it could be exported out into a schedule. Does it make a difference? Thanks, Kulkul.

@kameron1967 Then it is pretty straight forward, I believe GetParameter node and SetParameter node will do the job for you.

Sorry, I’m new to dynamo programming. Can you show me how do you go about doing that? I have dynamo downloaded and can try programming it. Thanks, Kulkul.

@kameron1967 Yes! Could you please drop your files in dropbox/Google drive and provide us shareable link. Thanks :slight_smile:

Kulkul, here is a file I created to include the 2 shared parameters. See link below. Thank you!