Changing Size of View3D on a Sheet

There are several examples of how to change the FoV, Orient, facing, elevation, etc of a View3D for a camera view.

But what I cannot find is how to recreate a procedure that is possible in the UI, basically change the size of a view so that it is correct when placed on a sheet.

The flow I’m trying to re-create is:

  1. Open a 3D view (just the view not on paper)
  2. Select the ‘outline’ which allows for the “Modify | Cameras” tab to appear
  3. In the ‘Modify | Cameras’ tab, click “Size Crop”
  4. Values are whatever…
  5. Select Radio Button: “Scale (locked proportions)”
  6. Modify the Width to be 8" (or whatever)
  7. Click Apply
  8. Select Radio Button “Field of View”
  9. Modify the height to be 4" (or whatever)
  10. Click Okay

I cannot find anything on how to edit this. In python I know the values are stored in View3D.Outline but they are read-only.

Looks like there is no direct way of passing simple values, but you can provide a CropBox according to this post.

Thanks I’ve used that. I can change the cropbox yes but if I take a view, duplicate it, and change the “scale” of one and leave the other alone.

When I compare the 2 cropboxes they are the same via the API.

Only outline changes but it’s read only.

I want to change the size as shown in paper space.
The scale lock proportions does something I can’t seem to find changing any where lol.