Changing section types

As you know, in Revit you can manually create and change section type. By default the OOTB types are Buildings section, Wall Section. I manually create more like Working Section etc.

When we create a view section in dynamo the default assigned type is Building Section. Can we change that to be Wall Section for example (at list after creating the section)?

I know “Section” is a type of Views elemets. But how can we grab this types of types (they are like subtypes of a section).

Hi @gaby424

You can use SetParameterByName node to change to Wall Section:


Superb :slight_smile:
Can you tell me why the circles aren`t the same as a result?


A.Name is getting the name of object A which happens to be a view.

Element.GetParameterValueByName is asking for the value of the name parameter (which I don’t believe exists as you think it does). If you list the parameters using an Element.Parameters node you will likely understand what I mean by this.

There is “Type Name” parameter