Changing section view type to detail view type issues

I would like to change some section views in my project to detail views so they can be seen as a callout from other views.

I’m creating top section views using the Create Element View node from BIM4Struc v.2.2.2.

This creates section views and I would like to change the section views to detail views, or just have it create detail views in the first place. I want to replicate the following method someone would do in revit:

I’ve tried the following nodes in attempt to change the family type.

The error log from Set Type Parameter is “AttributeError: 'NoneType” object has no attribute ‘Parameters’ "

The error message from the Element.SetParameterByName is “Operation Failed. No parameter found by that name.”

I tried the ChangeTypeId method from @SeanP in the post #10 View Family Types selection - Revit - Dynamo ( The error message is

Is there a way to change a read-only parameter? Or any other way to change already created section views to detail views?

I found I was using the view type as the element rather than the view element as itself.