Changing material properties

hey there, i am wondering if there is any possible way that i change the material properties while calculating the annual cooling power (change U-Value of glass according to any other change like outside temp or even day hours)

some people recommended LadyBUG but unfortunately it is not supported with revit 2021. any help or recommendation will be appreciated i have been looking for this for more than 3 months. Thanks

** until now in dynamo i can get the element properties i need and change it, i need the other property i can make it related with

I’m a little confused about the request. Are you looking for a way to dynamically change the U-value while the energy simulation is calculating each run-hour? As opposed to changing the U-value and running the whole simulation based on the updated condition?

I’m not positive that’s possible in DOE 2.2, let alone Revit’s execution of it. What is the intended purpose? An analysis of an adaptive material or structure?

exactly that is what i need, the point that i want to study the effect of using smart material in glass and the impact of power saving

i hope that there is someway i can do it with revit and dynamo

  • I have another idea “i am not sure yet if it is applicable that I create a function to calculate heat transfer from glass and make it dynamically change U-Value Vs. Out side Temperature so. it is not complete in my mind yet either”

So, any help will be really appreciated

I’m not familiar personally with DOE2.2 manipulation, though I believe since Revit 2020(?) you’re supposed to be able to expose and write modifications to the basic version that Revit taps into.

2210.04876.pdf ( - This research paper that, quite honestly, I found while googling “modelling Dynamic glazing” makes the claim that they used the Energy Management module in EnergyPlus (also DOE 2) and linked Outdoor Air Drybulb to Construction State to modulate the window construction, and tested it under various thresholds that would trigger the EMS logic to flip the window construction type.

This sounds somewhat close to what you’re describing, but I have no idea if the EMS module is something that already exists in the DOE package that Revit uses, if it’s something you can even add in, and after all that how to properly assign the parameters you’re interested in reviewing.

It’s at least a small comfort to know that some modelling software somehow in some way can help approximate what you’re looking to do.

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I will check that all, thanks for your help