Adaptive Components - Set Instance Parameters with Dynamo

Having trouble accessing the instance parameters of the family through Dynamo. With the Element.SetParameterByName returning “No Parameter found by that name”. Please see screen shots below.

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @krishna.duddumpudi ,

It looks like “Glass Frit Material” is actually a type parameter. Try "set type parameter"node from archi lab package, or with ootb nodes:

Also, you’re going to need to feed that parameter a material, not a string. A material.ByName node should do the trick.

Hi Mostafa,

Thanks for your reply, I needed it to be instance parameter and only change the materials on specified panels.

So I made the edit in the family and made the material and instance parameter and it works now!.. sometimes a cup of coffee helps! good to know about the archi-Lab node though.

Thanks again,