Changing Associated Base Level of a Room

I have thousands of rooms placed on wrong levels, I am trying to standardize the rooms by placing them on right levels.

Because in my case the Actual Level and FFL( Finished Floor Level) are so close to each other, so when i am trying cut and paste the room from the Actual level to FFL, the room jumps back to the Actual Level. Adding to this difficulty there are several FFL at each level, so the Room sets itself automatically to the closest level it sees.

Is there a possibility in dynamo or Revit API to actually change the Associated Level of the Room to the desired Level? Please guide me.


I will comment only the workaround I know about changing room Associated Level.
The only known to me way is to grab all the rooms you want to change, then to make a model group and change the level of the model group. Otherwise you can not change the level directly.
You could implement this workflow using Dynamo =)


That is in fact a hard coded ‘you can’t do this’ in Revit.

Thanks @Petar_Penchev1 that works in Revit. I will implement it in Dynamo and post in this group soon, so it could be helpful for others in future :slight_smile: