Change Titleblock of multiple sheets

I have a drawing set of roughly 900 sheets, and I want to add a type of legend to a sub set of these sheets. My best idea for how to do this efficiently was to make a version of the titleblock that I’m using that would have that legend on it, and then set the selected sheets to use the modified titleblock. Is there a way to change the titleblock that is applied to a sheet through dynamo? I don’t want to chase through the whole set applying the change manually. Thanks!

Scratch that, I figured it out. By extracting the “Type” property of the titleblock element, i was able to use Element.SetParameterByName node to change which type of title block i was using

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If you don’t mind just post a solution for others to see.

Sure thing. My actual workflow has a whole bunch of extra fluff in terms of pulling out the specific sheets i need, but this is the basic gist.


I’m sure your graph makes a lot more sense to those more familiar with Dynamo (I’ve gotten my feet wet several times, but don’t use it very often). Is the “Active View” node what you would replace with the list of Sheets that you want to change the Titleblock (Type) for? How would you get such a list? Is there a way to present the user a list of ALL Sheets with checkboxes to choose which ones to change? Or could it be done using a Shared Parameter that was added to the Sheet (for example, on one project I added a “Sheet Group” Text parameter and now I want to change all the “BP-1” sheets to use a different Titleblock)? An example would be awesome.

Now that its been 4 years of further Dynamo advancement, I would say that DataShapes Package could help here. As to exactly how, I would need to research it for sure.