Change the default executioning mode

Hello everyone

I’ve been thinking if there is a way to always open dynamo in manual executioning mode, instead of the current automatic mode that dynamo executes by default.

Any tips?

Thank you all for your help!

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Is this what you are looking for?

Not what i meant.

I want no start on manual executioning mode whenever i start a new file in dynamo.
The default is set to automatic

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I dont think there is a way out of the box, though these are your possible solutions:

  • Create a template file that has it set to manual and you start a new graph by using this as your base. Do make sure it is read only where ever you save it so dynamo cannot overwrite it.

  • Create a dynamo extension that forces graphs to be manual when opened?

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did you try editting the dynamosettings.xml file?

where can i find this file?

Thanks for your support.
However, i confirmed that it is set to true. But it does not open a new file in dynamo in manual mode. Only dynamo files already saved on my computer will open in manual.

I forgot about this setting to make the change, you will need to do the same for “Dynamo Core” version because they will both have a dynamo settings file.

It loads the information from Dynamo Revit when you load dynamo from revit, and if you load sandbox version of dynamo it loads things from only Dynamo Core.

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Done that…
unfortunately, it keeps opening a new file in automatic mode

A bit overkill maybe but here is a quick view extension that does the job…

Copy the .xml file in this link to C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2\viewExtensions

and copy this .dll from this link to C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2

Make sure you have Admin access to these folders and also make sure you unblock the .dll after downloading.



I have no words to thank you…


that is truly amazing

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You’re welcome @ramoon.bandeira. Didn’t take me long and saves you some time digging through all the Dynamo directories for clues. :blush:

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Oh nice, I had just been exploring and have added something similar to my DynaStandard Extension that i will be posting more info about once i release it :slight_smile: