Dynamo : *.dyn file opens as a custom nodes

Hello everyone!

I recently had an issue with my Dynamo environment and I’m seeking for help here, because I think I’ve tried all the logical solutions that came to my mind (haven’t tried the mystical ones yet).

My problem is that when I open my Dynamo workspace (The .dyn file), Dynamo opens the custom node window (with the yellow background) named with the name of my .dyn file, with the .dyn extension. The workflow inside this custom node is one of my other custom node. Where the main window should be (with the white background), there is an empty Home.dyn.
I don’t know from what action this issue came from, I was working and when I saved my file, this happened.
The strange thing is that the .dyn file I wan’t to open has still the same size (42ko).

I’m working with Dynamo 2.1.0 and Revit 2017

Here are some screenshots :

what I had :

what I have now :

log :
Active view is now Title Sheet

Thank you by advance for the time some of you will take for me!

Hello @guillaume.thon,

Welcome to the community! It looks like you’ve ran into a bug :frowning:

Would you be able to please log an issue at: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues and fill in the template there? Even better if you can upload your .dyn file. We need to figure out how to reproduce the problem in order to fix it - so if you have any recollection on the process you took to create said bug then please do add that too.

Beyond this - for a solution, can you please clarify the following:

  1. If you open up a .dyn file then it will open up that file - but also a .dyf file?
  2. If you close the .dyf file - will it still open the next time in the same way as #1 ?
  3. Or, is your .dyn file opening up as a .dyf file?

Hello @Solamour, thank you for your quick answer, I posted my issue on the Github page.

  1. When I open this particular .dyn file, it opens Home.dyn and myfile.dyn as a custom node (on an other tab, with a yellow background). The content of this tab is the content of an other custom node I had in my main workflow. The name is however myfile.dyn

thanks again


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Here is the file if you want to try to open it, it has been created on Dynamo 2.1.0

test_courbes_long.dyn (41.2 KB)

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Without going to deep into this, does the following help?

Right click on your .dyn file that is turning into a Custom Node and click Edit (As shown in orange below). Then in the section called "IsCustomNode: change it from true, to false, making sure to keep the same comma syntax (As shown in green below).

This will stop that file opening up as a .dyf custom node and now open it up as a .dyn workspace.



this solved the problem, but I haven’t retrieve my initial workflow. I checked again and the size of my *.dyn file is in fact the size of the custom node displayed so I think my data are lost, I may have made a mistake when I saved the file.

Thank you again for your help

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same issue still happening, an open custom node when closing dynamo has saved over the original graph as the custom nodes
classic peice of **** autodesk software bug
nothing ever gets fixed

happened in revit 19, running 2.03