Auto start with dynamo?

Hello Everyone!
I have a question i always wanted to ask since i started learning dynamo.Is there a way to auto start a graph as revit is opened on my pc. For instance I want revit to print all the sheet in the view set once revit file is loaded (so that we can track any undesired changes and fix them).Iam not sure if my graph can run without opening dynamo ,but I believe that there should be a way to triger the graph to open - run - close dynamo in background. If there is no way, I would be happy if included in the next release.

You should perhaps look at the Dynamo Automation package.

With custom nodes it’s also possible to print sheets of unopened Revit files from a directory (opened and closed in background), but you need to open manually a blank revit file and run your dynamo graph.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks for your reply its about performing a task without manually having to open dynamo and select files to run. I want the graph to be triggered to run automatically upon revit file opening ,PDF printing is just an example.(may be I just want to set some defaults say creating a save as file or loading/ replacing certain families or setting my default txt types ect.)on the file every time i open the project which might be difficult to do manually on all the PC who are working on the project.In short the graph has to auto start upon opening revit project.