Change subcategories to in-place family geometry

Good evening I’m trying to change subcatgories to in place family geometry but I cannot found the subcategory parameter in the element parameter list. Any suggestion? Thanks.


Hi @g.pietrolungo !
The subcategory parameter is a parameter of the “nested” elements of in place family, not of the family itself, (you have to edit the family to reach the parameter).
Is your issue about in place family or imported instance ?

My issue is with the In-place families that is imported trough IFC format from Civil3D. Inside each one of this families there is one nested imported instance with a “subcategory” parameter. The question is “how to access” to this parameter and set its value?

Maybe you coiuld share a bigger screenshot of your script and a rvt file with one of those families, it will be easier to help you.

Chimica deposito GAS_Test 41.rvt (924 KB)

Element Materials.dyn (9.9 KB)

Not easy to get something from these import symbol nested in in place families, given they are not regular families…
Maybe you should do it another way, dependings of what you wants to do exactly.
You can replace those familiies by using DirectShape.ByGeometry or FamilyInstance.ByGeometry (spring package).
Or import them by another way from Civil3D.

You are right. It seems to be the only solution. Inplace families are unmanageable by dynamo. Thanks.