Change the DEPTH of an in-place family

Hello, i just started using Dynamo.

I have a question regarding on how am I going to change the depth of in-place family (category is Roof)? I tried to explore and used the following nodes below:

And i got an error. I selected two roof (inplace family) and i tried to change the Depth.

Can you please guys teach me the proper or is it possible to do? I just want to change the DEPTH of my extruded inplace family.

More power.

Is depth a parameter of the family, which controls a dimension accordingly (as I assume you want to do)? Said another way, could you make the change you want by editing values in Revit’s properties pallet?

Hi Jacob, thanks for the reply. The Depth parameter is the built in parameter when you create an extrusion, can be found on the options bar. It only appears when you edit the inplace family, then edit Extrusion. And no, can t be edit in Revit properties when loaded.


Then it’s likely a read only parameter, so you won’t be able to modify it this way.

Oh ok. So I need to do it manually then.

Thanks for the reply.