Replace family instances

Hey guys. Is there anyway to replace an family instance with another which belongs to a different category? I tried SetType node but maybe it only works with the same category.

You can use the SetParameterByName node and the parameter name input will be “Family and Type”.

Also depending on how each family is set up, the insertion point may vary and the instance that you are replacing with may not end up at the same location/elevation of the instance that is being replaced.


@staylor It worked but turns out, there is another problem comes up. The old family instance is an face-hosted family but the new one is not. So Revit won’t let me to replace it as you can see in the screenshot. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Then you may have to do a little extra effort. Get the location of the existing element and then delete it. Then place an instance of the new family in the same location.

@staylor Yup, I think the same way. Thanks a lot for your help.