Modifying In-Place Family and add Build-in Parameters into Family

Seems like In-Place families are a tough one to chew. I’ve been trying to find a way to change In-placeFamilies specifically changing the Category part.

There’s a node from Synthesize the works with loaded families but not in place (seems like EditFamily method only works with loaded families) and I also looked into Revit API but couldn’t find anything to modify them.

The Second part is wondering if its possible to force some system parameter(or built in?) like wall length or length into in-place families so they can be modified in schedule?


To quote @jeremytammik

“Please note that you cannot manipulate in-place familes programmatically at all.”

Sorry about that.

Perhaps if you tell us more, there may be a different way of creating the families in the first place?

But if you have an existing amount of in-place families, no, it doesn’t look like you can do much…

Perhaps you could export them to DWG and bring them back in as a new category, or use Formit or something of that kind of workaround, if they are very simple.