Change rebar length

Hi All

Im trying to select all rebar of shape LL and resize the length parameter b, but I dont know what node to use to resize parameters in rebar

Hi, i’ve made this using the get and set ParameterByName, with a little retouching you could get it to work in dynamo player to make it easier (like selecting one on the model, getting its family type and changing all of the rebars from that family type).

But as i was going to upload this i saw that the “B” Parameter you have is a read-only parameter.
I recommend you see this post and see if it helps a bit more

no this will work. But now the parameter B needs to change to B=B-10

This :point_up_2: is also solved.

So for interest sake this is the syntax. Im so used to defining x as an integer in conventional programming

Out of curiosity. Why do you wanna type it as B=x-10 instead of just x-10?

it just makes more sense to me that the parameter we are referencing B is what is changing for the rebar. You can do it like that I suppose. Im new to dynamo. Do you know what is the syntax to get the modulus of a number in the code block? Like 10mod8=2


I would (try to) keep Graphs, syntaxes etc. as clean as possible.
If you want to organize your Graphs you can change the title of the Code Block or Group nodes.