Rebar Cover Settings

Hello everyone.
I was asked if I could adjust the Reinforcement cover settings for all the elements in our project. I was asked to amend it to say
“REFER TO NBS CLAUSE” I initially thought that this would be a very simple case of Element.GetParameterValueByName followed by Element.SetParameterByName
This doesn’t seem to be the case. This is the graph I produced.
Any help on getting this to work would be a great help as I will be using it on future projects.

  1. You are feeding parameter values into the set parameter by name field.

  2. You would be overwriting the parameter values you pulled with just the added string. You need to combine that with the previous value using a string manipulation method. I like using a code block along the lines of OldValue + " " + Suffix where the previous value is the old value input and the added text is the suffix input.

Check the stoarage type of the various rebar cover settings. They are not strings, but rebar cover elements. You need to create a new type and feed the SetParameterByName node with the new elements as value.

Thanks Jacob

I do want to overwrite the parameter values that is my problem.

I’m not really interested in what those original Revit cover settings are as our specification covers that information I created new type within Revit which I can apply manually within Revit

I don’t want to have to do it manually for every single element. Dynamo should be able to do this easily for me. I’m struggling with the last part of the graph and don’t know why or how to fix it.

Could you show me an example please Einar

here you go:


Thanks Einar

what does this in your graph do?

it does the same as the Element.Name node - gets the name from the element

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Thank you Einar.

My problem is solved. This will save me much time going forward.

Kindest regards


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Hi @Einar_Raknes, I’m looking for a similar solution but for wall elements.

This is my script:


I can’t get it done, why it doesn’t do the change in all of my elements?

Thanks in advance!