I can't change diameter parameter of rebar

Help me to god. I can’t change diameter parameter of rebar. What I should do to change.

Hi @yoshiki.sakai ,
Instead of using this list to retrieve the parameters (like list [33]), try to use the node Element.SetParameterByName. In this node you’ll have to insert the parameter name as shown in your first node “Element.Parameters”.

Thank you very much. But This method cannot change list[33]. Do you know another method?

You can try to change the element Type. Check the current rebar type with the Element.Parameter and change it for the one you want with the same node “Element.SetParameterByName”.

It would be better if you could share your rvt and dyn files.


Thank you so very much. I try to inspection Its method. Can you download rvtfile and dynfileThis URL?
If you progress it , Will you tell me?



The Bar Diameter is a type parameter, so you need to get the BarType first, and then change the parameter value in that element.


To Organon and EdsonMatt

Thank you very much.
This problem is good thanks to you.
I am very happy!!!

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