Changing Read-Only Parameters

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to change some parameter like the rebar shape, but when I use the Element.SetParameterValueByName node, I get an error saying “parameter is read-only”.

Is there a way to override this?


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If you can’t do it in Revit with the UI. More than likely you can’t do it with the API.

It is highly likely @Kulkul is right. But there are occasionally some properties that can still be set using the API even if they are read-only in the UI. This could be one of those cases. Since I’m not a structural engineer, I’ve never had the need to try this, but you might want to look at these:
Change rebar shape:
Change hook orientation:
You will need some Python chops for this, though.

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Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann. I’ll work on your recommendation. When I’ll have it, I’ll post it. Cheers

Re-think of how you are generating the rebar because if you do then by the path tool then it will grey this information out from when you select the rebar. This is because this information is controlled by the path reinforcement element not the rebar element.

Select the path reinforcement then you should be able to change the information you require, but note that they may be under a slightly different parameter.

Hi, @Brendan_Cassidy;

Thanks for the answer. In fact, it is not just a single rebar container, it is part of the “Area Reinforcement Rebar”. I created the bars using the “AreaReinforcement.” from the BIM4Struc Package created by @Dieter_Vermeulen.

My main goal here is to change the “Rebar Shape” and the “Hooks” at both end.

When I look into the “Structural Area Reinforcement” element, I can’t find any parameter to change to do what I’m looking for.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I want to put shapes like indicated below for the horizontal reinforcement:

Check all the exterior/interior parameters with there variations of minor and major because there will be a couple that have hook at the as i indicated earlier that they may be a different parameter than just hook.