Get Rebar Bar & Set Data by Excel

Hi There

Can anyone guide me how to fetch ( or Get) this data to dynamo.

After fetching this i want to replace this data from another sheet of excel… I mean data will be get from excel file and will replace data fetched from this circled in red.

Do you want to change the name of these elements?


I think you want to use the Element.SetName node from the Clockwork package.

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You already got it working with that?


i used first time

I can’t Set Parameter of Bar Diameter

Give me a Suggestion.

It’s a Revit issue. sometimes it’s unable to draw something due to restraints not lining up.

That also means your Dynamo code is probably doing what it’s supposed to do :wink:

The bar diameter is read as feet by Revit. So if you plug in 10 in Dynamo, Revit will interpret that as 10 feet or 3048mm. This is a known issue, and will be fixed in Dynamo 1.3.3. For now you need to convert the units manually or you can use an alternative node from MEPover.

My Problem is solve.