Metadata Information of Revit elements

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I am a beginner Dynamo user and I would like to extract the metadata binary (TRUE or FALSE) information of Beam, Column, Slab, Wall, Footing, and Ceiling from the IFC model.

List item

  1. Extrude direction,
  2. Vertical,
  3. Horizontal,
  4. Extrude,
  5. Circular-Shape,
  6. Rectangular-shape,
  7. I-shape,
  8. Brep,
  9. Clipping,
  10. CSG,
  11. Surface model

I tried and searched for related topics but I couldn’t find them. So, someone please instruct me how to do it, thank you so much. I wanna extract this information.

@nyeinthuaung ,

its looks like very costum i would say…

Check quantity takeoffs at exported IFC!

I would recommand to store the booleans as shared parameter in the family and make than a schedule…

And a Mappingtable for IFC !



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