Change legend component "component type" value

Dear All,
I have created initial legend view with 3 legend components. Afterwards I duplicated this view with detailing (including legend component). Now for each new view I need to change the “component type” parameter of each legend component placed in those views.
The aim is to create a catalogue of project elements.
When I do this like displayed below, dynamo gives me this error message:

Anyone knows the solution how it can be solved?

@321673216732167 sorry it took so long, but I had to do some digging.

I don’t think that this is possible. You are not the first person reporting that this part of the API doesn’t work. I am not sure who would be a good person that can really explain what is going on. I would imagine that Arnost or Jeremy would know what is the issue here. Especially Jeremy should know since he suggested exactly what you are doing in this post: and there were users questioning it right there in comments. Israel never got an answer. I just seconded his comment, but I am not sure if Jeremy will get around to this.


Hm strange, unless I am completely missing something here, I am certain that I have been able to set the Component Type parameter value in duplicated Legend Views and did so in this post here:

Perhaps it is a Revit version? Or type of component? This was just using Wall Type legend components in Revit 2018.

EDIT: It appears setting the component type only works with Wall Type legend components.

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Ok, that clears things up a little bit. Thanks @awilliams

@321673216732167 it looks like you are out of luck because this has been reported to Autodesk years ago, and they haven’t fixed it so far, so I doubt it will ever get looked at. Sorry.

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FYI - Also works with Structural Framing :+1:

I have created a script that uses an existing legend and components within that legend to be copied to reflect the current types
Further development would be to select types that are used in project

Waiting for permission to upload graph

Hi @cdiarchitects,

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To place family types on a legend you can use the Create Legend Component node of the Genius Loci package.