Legend to Drafting

To better manage our content I was thinking that the ability to convert Legends to Drafting Views (and vice versa) might be a useful tool. I started a Dynamo graph that might be on the right path but after reading about Legends and lack of API accessibility I am worried about running into a brick wall.


changeViewType.dyn (7.9 KB)

So, are you looking for help? It is unclear what you are trying to accomplish with this post. Have you ran into a brick wall or not?

Hi Tom - Yes sorry, I just have a hard time admitting defeat.
I am getting a traceback message at the Change Family Type node but lack python skill to interrogate the issue further… My first thought is that my method for grabbing typeId and entering in as a string is invalid.

pyRevit addin has a tool to convert both ways between legend and drating views.

I know almost nothing about python but im pretty sure pyRevit is open source so you could potentially see how it works.

Does Revit allow you to change a legend to a drafting view natively?

Hi @Jordan_Billingsley and others,

Thank you for sharing this node. I am fairly new to Dynamo and can (usually) troubleshoot my way through the errors that occur when downloading custom nodes.

But not this time. The node “Element.Type” is showing me “Error: Custom Node definition is not loaded”. I have the common packages loaded and have tried searching for it. I find only “Element.Types”.

Please assist, I have searched and searched but cannot find the package associated with it, the node itself or how to fix it.

It’s probably Orchid or Archilab, I think they’ve both had this node in the past.