Changing family host from floor to level

Hi all,

In dynamo is it possible to change all the plumbing family host from" floor "to "level "? For instance in this case, change it from floor: mgs_vynyl_apts to level: Level 3.


I would imagine you could only do this under certain circumstances.
The family itself will be a Floor Hosted family, meaning it hosts to floors, not levels. And that parameter is a read only parameter (i think).
If they are not floor hosted, you may be able to use Dynamo to group/select all the elements and you can just use the “Pick New Host” button inside Revit and (in an elevation/section view) select the level you want them to be hosted to.

It may be able to be done via DS or Python. I will leave that to the Guru’s.

Hi Alisder,

Thanks for your kindly reply. yet I think it’s read only parameter.



Hi @dylanpeng ,

I have found this way but it has to make a copy of regular element . After that , you can remove last element .