Change conceptual mass done in Revit with Dynamo


Ok. Here is the thing. Someone in the office has done a complex mass with dynamo in conceptual mass environment. And it cannot be changed as far as I understand in native Revit environment. Is there any possibility to modify it with Dynamo?


This request needs illustrations including a screenshot of what you tried so far…


Do you have the family file stored as an *.rfa? You might be able to figure out who made it in the first place and coordinate the change with them?



I think that this kind of depends on how the form was created.

Easiest solution would be to find the original .dyn and modify that as desired, which would likely be easier to do with the assistance of the initial scripter as @Dimitar_Venkov indicated.

Short of that, you could try to read the geometry and create modifyable elements from that (points, lines, etc) in the conceptual mass environment This will take a lot of Python and could be difficult if you don’t know the family environment of the API, but I am confident it is doable.


I wish I could coordinate with the guys who did the family. But their contract has ended and I am in the middle of a rock and the client. Therefore to create the same mass again with the same geometry will be a pain but I will manage it. I just wanted to know if there would be an easier way.

While the subject is open, as far as I can understand a dynamo scripted mass cannot be edited manually in Revit in native ways. Why?


For the same reason that many people who make families in Revit produce them in a manor which isn’t editable (I’m looking at you Kohler fixture library with the 100,000,000 visible triangulated faces…). If you don’t think you will need to make edits the old fashioned way, why code for it? Since you made the form with Dynamo, and rerunning that script after modifying it will update things, why go to the effort of making something which Dynamo which you don’t see the need for?

In any case, we would need to see the file (dyn or rfa) to know how to get you out from between this particular rock and the client.


I didn’t code for it. Someone else did and their contract is terminated. Its just a loophole. Redone it again old fashion way. But as far as I understand your the answer to your question is creating an obligation between the client and the contractor. They do the mass with dynamo, they dont share the code (although in my opinion when you code you’re still doing the job for a client and the ownership should be belonging to the client (as much as I hate to say it)).


Yes, some (likely the contractor in your case) might consider these an instrument of service though. It’s definitely a gray area in the process though.