Dynamo in-place mass?

Hey guys, noob here, I can use Dynamo massing components in a conceptual mass but can’t do the same within a Revit project with in-place mass enables? Am I missing something?

I’ve solved my issue in the workflow by using a “select face” component, all is well, thanks! :slight_smile:

but still can’t create reference points from scratch or anything… I’ve read in a Zach Kron topic that it’s a “fundamental API issue”, is that fixed by now? anything? Thanks!


Like in any other addin that runs on top of Revit, you are bound by the limitations of the Revit API:

  • No programmatic access to in-place families (masses and other categories alike)

  • That includes creating divided surfaces outside of a mass (you can use Dynamo to do that within a loadable conceptual mass family, though, as you already noticed)

  • No reference points in the project environment

Alright, thanks a lot for the reply.