Modifying Revision Clouds (Revit 2015)

I need to make some adjustments to my revisions (as no one told me there are 2 revisions, not 1 :roll: ) and the fastest way I can think of to QC things would be to color the revision clouds by sequence. Can’t be done with a filter natively (that I know of) so it seemed like a good Dynamo learning experience. I found a previous post talking about it and it seems it might not be possible in 2015 to pull the sequence data from the revision cloud (see attached image.) Does anyone know if this is correct or should I look into some of the custom packages?

Other thread I found:


Chad, I think what you actually need is ‘Revision Number’ - it corresponds to Sequence.


Thanks - although I’m still not getting it to work in 2016 or 2015 =/ Am I misreading your BoolFilter connectors?

Other question - why Element Types rather than Categories?



Chad, I just happened to use Element Types, you could use Categories as well

Going by your image, it seems to be working for you. Why do you say it isn’t?

Note: Element.ColorOverrideInView only affects the elements in the active Revit view.

Unless I’m doing something completely wrong (which is entirely probable) I’m not sure why it isn’t pushing colors back to the view. Screencap:


You don’t seem to be doing anything wrong.

Try to override the color of some other element (a desk ).

Use just three nodes (SelectModelElement , Color.ByARGB and OverrideColorInView) and see if it works.

Not a solution, but might help to determine if the problem is specific to just Revision Clouds (and this definition) or not.

Chad and Vikram,

Were ether of you ever able to solve the problem? I have used <em style=“font-weight: 300;”>OverrideColorInView in other scrips before and it works fine in most views but then in some of them it only changes some of the elements or does nothing. The output of the node passes the elements which were supposed to be changed through it but does not override.

I got it to work at least partially. I just looked at it again and the script I have changes all the clouds to a color rather than by Revision Number but I’d guess it is an easy fix.