Collect ceilings in Rooms and write Room Data (Room Name, Room ID) to ceilings


I have a problem and i don’t not know if it can be solve in Dynamo Revit.

I want to collect ceilings in Rooms and write Room Data back to these ceilings. I have tried using Room.Boundaries Node from Clockwork pakage, but the results didn’t include Ceilings.

Everyone here can help me?

Thanks very much!

Running Revit Room Book from Dynamo

If you enable volume in your room calculations they will respond to these types of nodes.


if you find the solution in this video , I think that I can help you


Hi All,

Im looking for something close to this, i want the room number to be written to the ceilings in the room.
when i say ceilings (i have modelled them as families) some with generic, with mass & some with revit ceilings.
i have tried doing this, i dont know if this is the mothod, but nothing is being writted in the model.
i’m using Revit 2015.

pls. find attached.

CobieComponentSpace number.dyn (31.5 KB)
Project7.rvt (1.3 MB)



Did you see this thread?