Change Heigth room/floor and insert parametr heigth celing in label room

I tray to make to actions in the same script:
1 . Change Heigth of all the room with the heigth from the floor (The simple script is fonctional)
2. Input the heigth of the ceiling in all the label room (The simple script is fonctional)

When I try too do the two action in the same script only one room is modify. Where is the problem?


Il faut autant d’éléments dans la liste des sols que de pièces.

Autre point, comment es-tu sur que l’ordre des pièces et le même que celui des plafonds ?

Hi Ivan,

You need to set the lacing on longest (le plus long) on the Element.SetParameterByName nodes.

@Alain_Hamel is right, it’s theoretical. In a real project, floors and ceilings heights may be different.
You can use the Tool.GetSurroundingElements node as in your previous topic.

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