Category list from 2023?


Is there a newer list ? i have just this one from 2016
PUBLIC Revit Category Guide.xlsx (494.5 KB)



This is just a friendly reminder to keep your posts related to Dynamo and to give an appropriate amount of effort before asking for help.

This topic may be Dynamo adjacent, but it’s probably more applicable to the Revit forums than here. That being said, it’s something that can be answered with a simple Google query. Many categories have been added since 2016. That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has compiled an up-to-date list, but it does mean this one is behind. It’s also something you can create yourself with a little effort.

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There has been changes relating to Revit Categories, which include additional ones.

I also would suggest you stop hard coding Element ID within, then you will not fall foul to this if and when it may get added.

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Further to what i have said above, it would be better if you use CategoryByName Node as a way to hardcode it but also allowing for variety if ID’s changes etc.

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@Brendan_Cassidy , @Nick_Boyts

I got it… but you are right, its better not to access it “hardcoded”
RevitKategorien2023.xlsx (66.1 KB)

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FYI, you can also build your own list on the fly with just a few lines of code.


@Nick_Boyts ,

there is still some error

import sys
import clr

import RevitServices
from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager

doc = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentDBDocument

categories = [[cat.Name,cat.Id] for cat in doc.Settings.Categories]

OUT = categories


Hmm. Can you return just the settings?

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@Nick_Boyts ,

that works

And if you add Categories to that?


i got an error :frowning:

i get even the preselction after dotting…

i see code workes in 2022


Odd. What version are you getting the error in? It should be supported back to at least 2019.

@Nick_Boyts ,

Not sure what to tell you. Might just need a reboot. It should work for 2023.

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