Dynamo Categories Dropdown is swapped in different Revit versions


I have created some Dynamo scripts based on Revit 2017 (Dynamo version 2.0.1). In it, I have selected categories in the drop down. These will be mixed in Revit 2019. Even with a code block / string and Category.ByName not everything was accepted.
Does somebody has any idea?

Here is not really a solution to find …

You can use the BuiltInCategory names in a string node (e.g. OST_Walls) and pass that to Category.ByName. It‘ll work across Revit versions and has the added benefit of being language neutral. Also note that this issue will be fixed in the 2.1 release.


That works fine.

How is that with element types?

In one of the recent Clockwork updates I added a node called ElementType.ByName - it should do what you‘re asking for.

I have the same issue with using the Category node on a graph in multiple Revit versions. Any idea when Dynamo 2.1 will be out?

I could not find this command.
I have installed the following packages:

It‘s in versions 1.33.0 and 2.1.1 respectively. I hope you don‘t have both Clockwork packages installed together - that’s a recipe for trouble.

I still can not find the ElementType.ByName function in the Clockwork package …