Can't write surface and solid to a family

I have tried a lot of nodes, but i can’t get it to work.

i have created some reed and now i want to save a few families, and then randomly place those on the remaining points.

But i can’t get the geometry written to a family.

For the script you draw a spline… don’t close it… select that spline and run the script.

reed.dyn (327.6 KB)

I think FamilyType.ByGeometry only accepts solids, but judging by the output of your List.Flatten node you are feeding it a mixture of solids and polysurfaces. I’m assuming the warning says something like “Warning: Asked to convert non-convertible types”?

You could try Springnodes Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry which can take surfaces and polysurfaces


gives me an error:

attributeerror: 'nonetype object has no attribute ‘get_Geometry’

Unfortunately I think the underlying SAT import method that node uses can be a bit picky about geometry: Issues with SAT import Spring Nodes.

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even with one leave i get

Traceback most recent call latst
file (string): line 103 in newform_background
Attributeerror nonetype object has no attribute ‘get geometry’

oke there was a small error in my shapes… but still i can’t convert to family with the spring node…
Works oke with the standard node, when i turn the polysurface to a solid by thickening… but i rather have just polysurfaces…