Why dose not this node work for me?
I am using dynamo studios 2018 and dwg file 2017 and .rft 2017

You are trying to create a list of families, try one at a time


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In addition to what @m.rijsmus said, the geometry you are trying to make as a family instance, 5 of them are curves, and only 1 is a solid. I believe the geometry input has to be a solid so you should filter out everything else.

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No that was not the anwer. Do you have any other suggestions

So you aren’t launching Dynamo from inside Revit? If so that would be the issue.

The Revit nodes require access to the Revit API which require you launch Dynamo as a Revit add-in. Confirm this is the problem by searching your Dynamo library for Element.Parameters.

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You are ignoring some of the inputs, i thinks that why it doesn’t work.
See also the link below

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I saw that too, but the empty inputs have default settings

I find I usually have to populate the Category input, and usually try match it to the template type for consistency. The Springs node is more liberal than the OOTB familyType.ByGeometry node and will accept surfaces in addition to Solids, where the OOTB will only accept solids. Springs node also converts the material name string input for you, where OOTB requires the material object itself. +2 for Dimitir. :slight_smile:

I believe curves can only be imported into Revit separately using ModelCurve.ByCurve, and even then you’ll be unable to get non-planar Nurbs curves in as this line type (sigh) does not exist in Revit. If you need the lines for documentation, you’ll need to convert them to lines and arcs first. If you just need nurbs curves as virtual elements, leave them in Dynamo and let placed solid or surface geometry relfect that structure. Or build adaptive point curve families.