Can't Uninstall Packages from my Dynamo Workspace

I have downloaded and installed many packages for my Dynamo workspace. However, several do not work the latest version (1.1). I would like to remove these from my workspace so I don’t keep picking ones that do not work, but I do not seemed able to do so. You can see in my image the ‘Uninstall’ option is grayed out.

Any thoughts why this would be or how I can remove installed packages?


That’s very odd. Are you able to remove from the appdata location? I believe it’s C:/Users/currentuser/appdata/roaming/Dynamo/1.1/dynamorevit/packages

are these packages installed to a readonly custom package directory?

I made the folder NOT ‘Read Only’ and still didn’t allow it to uninstall.
I went to the folder and delete that package which DID work.
When I reinstalled the ‘bad’ package, again, it wouldn’t let me uninstall from within the interface, while the ‘good’ packages would.

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I’m trying to uninstall an add on too.
When I click to uninstall it says ‘Dynamo and its host application must restart before uninstall takes effect’, than I click OK, than it says ‘Are you sure you want to uninstall Rhythm…?’ OK again.

After this, I restart Dynamo, Revit, my computer and it does not uninstall the package. The Packages Manager keep saying ‘pending uninstall’.

I checked the folder mentioned above and the package is not even there. I don’t know what is happening.

Any idea?


I was facing the same issue with a couple of packages.
I noticed that those faulty package nodes were on my workspace marked in red. When I removed those nodes from the workspace, I was able to uninstall the packages.

Hope this would help anyone who wants to uninstall the packages within the interface instead of deleting from root directory.