Can't start Dynamo, crashes on startup

This started happening when I installed the last build as of today -

I get this error message:


Hi Aseem, this is a known issue, please post here:

you’ll most likely be asked to provide some information on your graphics card and direct x components. I believe the issue is currently a missing direct x install file that you can get through windows update.


  1. I have confirmed the direct x in not missing.

  2. I have uninstalled and re-installed a more recent version of dynamo, and am still unable to start Dynamo.

  3. I have submitted the case on Github.


What else can I try? I am unable to use Dynamo at all.



theres a renaming hacky fix that someone suggested in this thread

As further mentioned in those threads, renaming is not really a workable solution.

Hi Aseem, sorry you can’t get Dynamo started, my understanding is that Direct X is indeed not missing but there is a specific component required by our newest versions of Dynamo with visualization improvement that have not yet been included in the dynamo installer. These components can be installed from a a recent optional windows update regarding direct x 11.

Unfortunately I do not know the specific component.

Hi all,


Mike is right. The error that Aseem points out is one with the installation of DirectX components for the new visualization functionality. Until we have that bug solved, please use 0.8.0.