Can't see xy planes in preview

Hi I’m working on a metric file with units in mm. Dynamo produces errors unless I set Geometry Scaling to something higher than Medium (I set it to Large). But when I do, its impossible to see an array of XY Planes in the Dynamo preview. I can zoom WAY in and see one, but that’s not a great help. I’ve read some past threads elsewhere regarding a pre V2 bug in which Geometry Scaling produced Dynamo preview glitches. Maybe this bug remains?

Hi @rnarracci

You can also avoid the warning by using Function Apply node:


Which Dynamo version you’re using?


That’s not a bug - working as designed here. Basically planes are always drawn at a given size, call it 1 unit x 1 unit. But because your geometry is more than million units long, wide, or tall you can’t see that item on screen. It would be like drawing a 1mm cube on an overall floor plan. All of this is certainly not ideal, but for the moment this is where we are.

If you need to see these planes, I recommend using a Plane.Origin node, which will show the location. Alternatively you could use a coordinate system instead, which can be scaled up or down for visualization purposes as needed. Don’t use them for geometry transforms or you will likely get way too tiny, or way too big geometry.

Uggh. Would be nice to be able to scale them independently of the model. Well thanks anyway Jacob.

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Well you can create rectangles from those planes and scale how much you want :wink:


Hah! I guess necessity is the mother of invention! Thank a bunch Kulkul!

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