Can't place archi-lab Line Style node? Package management issues

I’d like to use the Line Style drop-down node, but Dynamo crashes when i try to place it. Using Dynamo 2.12. Revit is 2.12.0, Sandbox is 2.12.1. not sure how much of that will be a contributing factor

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package, and thought to check against dynamo sandbox. This is where i get some weird behavior. I have sandbox pointing to the same package folder as my Revit Dynamo, but it doesn’t show a complete list of packages there. When i look at the list of packages detected in the sandbox package manager (A), and some others (rhythm, orchid) are visible, but do not show up in the node browser (B).



So i’m not sure if this is an issue on my end, or with achi-lab (sort of doubt). Not sure what to do. i guess just remove and reinstall the packages?

I finally had some time to chase this down. It turns out that this seemed to be related to the file i was working in. After uninstalling/updating some things, i was able to use the node in a new file. Not 100% sure what was causing it to crash.

I can see you’ve got Crumple there. Might be worth trying out my take on it too, it’s a bit more flexible and works with any document, identifies user made styles etc.