Can't Copy Paste

Hi Guys,
I can’t copy-paste in Dynamo
Can’t cope nodes, can’t cope text, etc.
Anybody else experiencing the same problems ?

Have a look at the known issues in the release notes:

Thanks @Jonathan.Olesen

Update to the most recent version off revit 2019 and youre problem is solved

i use revit 2019:

and Dynamo core 2.01.5000 Dynamo Revit:/ 2.01.5001
and i can copy and paste in dynamo

Problem was solved after the revit update


so how can it be solved?

By updating revit…

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ok, thanks, will try

My Revit is up to date but I still can’t copy and paste

Is your dynamo up to date?

Yes, the newest 2.0.2 version. I am able to copy and past in the 1.3.4 but the files i want to open aren’t compatible, so I need the 2.0.2 version