Copy and paste dynamo components

I had this problem a while ago, when I used Dynamo first time last year. I now work on a simple definition and this issue repeats again.
When I copy and paste existing Dynamo components in a definition, copied components often don’t seem to work and I have to re-create those components to make them work.
Is this happening just to me or is there a simple solution to this issue?
Thank you.

Never mind about this post. There was a mistake in my current definition. After I fixed that, copied components work. I do remember that I had this issue a while ago, but I can’t duplicate this issue at the moment.
Thank you.

Hi Dongyeop!

What version? 1.0?

I have reported an issue where dynamo would crash after copy+paste. I guess this is an improvement! : )
I think I was on 0.9.1. I haven’t had this issue in a while.

At the time, it was somehow flux components that where triggering it.
Once I stopped pasting flux components it stopped.

too late, now I already responded pretending like I knew what I was talking about.

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Haha, you know what you’re taking about. It’s good to see you here, Gui.
When I ran into the issue I posted, I just remembered that the same thing happened a long time ago not finding my mistakes.
It’s good that I can’t duplicate what I remembered in Dynamo.