Rhynamo Crashes Revit and Dynamo on Run





I am trying to import some very simple geometry from Rhino into Dynamo. When I try to run the .dyn, Revit and Dynamo crash. Everything seems to work fine until I try to convert the geometry. Any ideas? Thank you.

Screen Capture

Try mantis shrimp.

Hey Rob,

You can report the bug to the Rhynamo repo where I am tracking issues: https://bitbucket.org/caseinc/rhynamo/issues?status=new&status=open

Can you provide the following information for me:

  • Your version of Dynamo (the latest version was built for Dynamo 0.7.5 and I have also tested it with 0.8.0 versions)
  • Your version of Rhynamo you are using (the latest is 2015.3.6)
  • Any sample files you are trying to use that might be causing that failure.
Best regards,